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Anti-hijacking Modules

• Developed in 1998

• 100% success rate

• Complete immobilisation of vehicle done safely when stolen or hijacked.

• Takes vehicle 800m to come to a complete standstill- Hazard and brake lights triggered

• Incorporation with new satellite tracking devices that detect jamming devices


• ISO 9001 Certified Platform

• Real Time, PIN – POINT Accurate

• Cloud Based, Web Access

• Updates all data every 10 seconds

• Track assets, vehicles, stock, people

• Proper Fleet and Asset Management

• Immediate Alerts via SMS, Email

• Monitoring of Green Band Driving

• Engine Monitoring

• Control Room Interface

• Comprehensive and Customisable Reports

• Geo Fence Zoning

• Zoning of different speed limits for speed limiter

• Routing and Dispatch

• Fixed and Mobile Units – Numerous Applications

• 24/7/365 Recovery