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Fuel Monitoring

Due to the increase in fuel prices, fuel is classified as “liquid gold”. Fuel theft is increasing on a daily basis.

The fuel level sensor is designed for precise fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicle tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations.

We have therefore incorporated a state of the art fuel probe with an accuracy of less than ≤0,2%.

It can be used as a part of fleet management system for controlling fuel draining and fuel fillings, fuel consumption monitoring. When contaminated fuel is placed in the tank, an alarm will be raised on the tracking platform.

Understanding The Need For Fuel Management

Fuel management systems are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the superior control of fuel supplies and cost accounting they provide.

Fluctuating fuel costs as well as rising fuel consumption, and the fact that criminals can tend to help themselves to the content of your fuel tanks, which all complicate fuel management.

When your fuel system is vandalized, you're lucky if all you lose is the petrol or diesel. The real problem is when thieves and vandals take as much fuel as they want and then let the rest run onto the ground. Now you've not only lost a product but you now also have a soil contamination issue.

An intelligent fuel management system allows you to manage your fuel usage and provide data to maximize efficiency as well as minimize fraudulent transactions, reduce pilfering and environmental damage.

Looking for a fuel management system that suits your business can be a challenging and time-consuming task.