Services and Developments

Specialised Developments

With our vast knowledge of the automotive industry, large corporate companies and smaller clients have requested specialised products. We believe that we are a solution based company, whereby not only the required solutions are developed but exceeding the client's requirements are necessary.

A couple of developments which were developed for various corporate clients:

• Roll Over Protection – Super Group Bulk

• Hour Meter – John Deere Tractors

• Forward / Reverse Protection – BidAir

• Diesel and Water Separators – Fuel Decontamination

• Special underground speed limiters for mines – Hino SA

Security Solutions

With the security expertise of one of our executives, we can offer various security solutions. Auto Tecnic is a proud vendor for Cell C since 2007, whereby we have consulted, developed, supplied and installed various security solutions for Cell C.

Auto Tecnic is also proud to be an accredited partner for PowerBarrier. PowerBarrier is a company which provides a patented electrified palisade fence for optimal perimeter protection. Please view their website at www.powerbarrier.com

Other security solutions which we develop, supply and install are:

• Electric Fencing


• Access Control

• Alarm Systems

• Mobile Panic Buttons

• Boom Gates

• Gate Motors

• Specialised Electronic Safes

• Asset tracking

Drag Racing Developments

In collaboration with ICE Motorsport, we are busy developing an engine protection which will meet all the necessary requirements for drag racing vehicles. This will prevent loss or further damage to the engine and key elements on the vehicle.

Motor Racing Car Developments

We are currently busy with various well known motor racing teams to design, develop, manufacture and supply a management system that will be exclusive to the motor racing paternity. The development will comprise of various sensors to monitor vehicle and driver live. The pit crew will be able to monitor key elements to better times and to even detect problems with the vehicle before loss or damage is done on the engine and drive train.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Integration is currently being done with a well-known international tyre pressure monitoring company to monitor your fleets tyres. The tyre pressure monitor will be integrated with advanced tracking devices to have live feedback of not only tyre pressures but as to when wheels are removed off the vehicle. Nominated persons will be notified via the tracking platform, SMS or e-mail.

Collision Avoidance

We have been approached by numerous mines for the development of a collision avoidance device. Although these devices are available, they need to be imported and are not cost effective. Our R&D department are currently busy developing this product to detect and notify the driver of not only of an object but to differentiate between vehicle, human or obstacle.

Brake Control

We have recently become integration partners with a leading supplier of specialised mining vehicles. With the everchanging strict rules and regulations of the mines, we have joined forces to develop a specialised braking control system. This system will apply the necessary brake pressure to stop a runaway vehicle. The pressures for the braking system is determined by the speed and the gradient in which the vehicle is travelling.

Cable Theft Detection System

Cable theft in not only South Africa is on an increasing trend daily. It is not only the Utility Industry that is affected but is also rife in the Telecommunications, Mining and Transport industries.

We have joined forces with a company which offers state-of-the-art technology to detect cable theft. As soon as the criminal starts tampering with the protected cable, alarms are sent to nominated parties with accurate GPS location to catch the guilty party in the act.

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