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Speed Limiters

List of various speed limiters on offer:

Normal speed limiter

Will limit the vehicles speed which the client has desired to be limited to.

Dual Speed Limiter

Can limit the vehicle for two different speeds for various circumstances. i.e. Road speed and Yard speed.

The secondary speed (normally lowest) can be triggered by vehicle entering Geo-fenced area, integration with capable tracking device is required. Can also be triggered by SMS or by simply switching on amber lights when entering certain areas.

Zone Speed Limiter

The Zone Speed Limiter is integrated with advanced tracking units. When the vehicle enters a 60km/h zone, the vehicle will be limited to 60km/h (GPS). Once the vehicle enters a higher speed zone, the speed limiter is automatically adjusted to that speed zone.

Can be set for various size vehicles whereby the maximum speed is set as per Government regulation. Therefore, should a Heavy Goods Vehicle enter a 100km/h or 120km/h zone, the vehicles maximum speed will be limited to 80km/h.

Rev Limiter

The revs of the vehicle are set to the predetermined limit which the client has required. With diesel vehicles, it is recommended to set the revs at the maximum of the Green Band. The Green Band is stipulated by the manufacturer of the vehicle. This is where the vehicles best torque and optimum fuel consumption is for the vehicle.

P.T.O Step Up

P.T.O step up was developed especially for the mobile crane and automotive lift systems industry. Once the P.T.O is engaged, the vehicles revs are increased automatically for optimum power for the mobile crane or lifting equipment to work. This reduces the risk of burning motors out by drivers and allowing the driver to operate the mobile crane or lifting equipment safely.

Roll Over Protection

Unfortunately, we are not able to stop the tipping over but have developed a system whereby the engine is switched off once the vehicle has tilted more than 60°'s in any direction. By shutting the engine off, it reduces the risk of fire and engine loss. The system is capable of interfacing with satellite tracking to notify controller of the alarm condition.

Hour Meter Monitoring

With installing our hour meter and integrating it with a capable tracking device, you can get accurate running hours remotely. This system is used mainly in the forklift or Yellow Equipment industry whereby the working hours determine the service intervals.


• ISO 9001 Certified Platform

• Real Time, PIN – POINT Accurate

• Cloud Based, Web Access

• Updates all data every 10 seconds

• Track assets, vehicles, stock, people

• Proper Fleet and Asset Management

• Immediate Alerts via SMS, Email

• Monitoring of Green Band Driving

• Engine Monitoring

• Control Room Interface

• Comprehensive and Customisable Reports

• Geo Fence Zoning

• Zoning of different speed limits for speed limiter

• Routing and Dispatch

• Fixed and Mobile Units – Numerous Applications

• 24/7/365 Recovery